“Oklahoma County needs a strong, proven leader as district attorney and I believe Kevin Calvey will get the job done. I have worked with Kevin, and I know him to be a man of diligence, integrity, and courage. Oklahoma County deserves a battle-tested conservative who will prioritize public safety and will work as a true partner with law enforcement. I’m proud to support Kevin Calvey for District Attorney.”

- Tommie Johnson III, Sheriff of Oklahoma County

“Kevin Calvey will be an excellent District Attorney. He has the experience to make sure we keep the bad guys off the streets.”


- former District Attorney Rex Duncan

“I ran for District Attorney to bring much-needed change to the D.A.'s office,” said Gray. “Kevin Calvey is running on a platform of reform to restore confidence in the D.A.'s office and I believe he can get the job done. Kevin is a smart and seasoned lawyer who has proven himself as a conservative stalwart for more than 20 years. I am proud to endorse Kevin Calvey for Oklahoma County D.A. in the runoff and general election.”


- Robert W. Gray

“Law and order are the foundations of civilization and Kevin Calvey is a man of law and order. I’ve spent much of my career in public safety, law enforcement and crisis management. Also, I know Kevin has always been a vanguard for justice and smart public policy, and can testify firsthand to his diligence, integrity, and unique ability to solve problems.

The District Attorney plays a critical role in the dispensation of justice and the preservation of public safety. That means we must have a principled conservative leading the office. The problems in the Oklahoma County DA’s office will not be solved by a candidate dedicated to business-as-usual. Kevin Calvey has proven himself a leader in the legislature, a leader in Oklahoma County, and a leader in the courtroom. He will bring the necessary reforms to ensure justice and safety for our entire community.

I’m asking every Republican and conservative in Oklahoma County to vote for Kevin Calvey on June 28th. Thank you!”


- Joe M. Allbaugh, former national Director of FEMA and Past Director of the OK Department of Corrections

“As a former Highway Patrolman, I know that an honest, conservative District Attorney is an absolute must to protect public safety. That’s why I’m supporting Kevin Calvey for DA.”


- former Oklahoma Secretary of Public Safety Chip Keating

“I ran for Oklahoma County District Attorney because I’ve seen firsthand how desperately reform is needed within that office,” Jacqui Ford said. “Kevin Calvey has committed to bringing much of the reform that I have advocated for. His opponent openly says that David Prater’s office is a well-oiled machine and refuses to consider new ideas or any changes to the status quo. This leaves victims, defendants, and the community with no hope for meaningful justice. Voters have two choices in this runoff election. We can choose to continue the corruption and malfeasance of the David Prater era or we can restore the credibility to Oklahoma County’s D.A. office by electing Kevin Calvey who is committed to moving us forward in a meaningful and just way. I am voting for Kevin Calvey.”

- Jacqui Ford


"As a former prosecutor, I know Kevin Calvey has the experience and values to be an excellent District Attorney. Please join me in supporting him."

- Gov. Frank Keating

"As the former US Attorney, and as one who prosecuted the most widespread public corruption scandal in Oklahoma history, I know Kevin Calvey has the experience and integrity to head the Oklahoma County District Attorney's Office.  Please join me in voting for Kevin Calvey for District Attorney!"

- former US Attorney Bill Price

“At the recommendation of the YWCA, Kevin Calvey represented me, at no charge, when I was the victim of violence from a co-worker at a former job. Kevin helped me get a Victim’s Protective Order (VPO), and persuaded the DA to prosecute. I am very grateful to Kevin for his sacrifice of time and talent for me and other women in need.”

- Lisa Hines, OKC


I back Kevin Calvey because he is:


"...Someone who stands up for the less fortunate."- Pastor Marquise Miller, and his wife Kheyoura Tipton


"...Someone who is a champion for the voiceless."- Clint Thompson


"... Someone who will protect." - Willard Linzy


"...Someone who will fight for, with every breath, Oklahoma County's future." Ralph Crawford, Retired Firefighter

Kevin is also endorsed by

  • House Speaker Charles McCall

  • State Representative Jay Steagall

  • State Representative Eric Roberts

  • State Representative Denise Crosswhite-Hader

  • Chickasaw Legislator and Former State Representative Lisa Billy

  • County Commissioner Brian Maughan

  • County Assessor Larry Stein

  • Veterans Advocate Major Ed Pulido

  • Alisha Tasetano

  • David Slane

  • Joe Griffin

  • Jim Shumsky

  • Clay Curtis

  • Mick Cornett

  • Billy Coyle

  • Tom Cummings

  • Marco Palumbo

  • Joi Miskel

  • Tyler Box

  • James Pasquali

  • Gary Jones

  • Randy Goodman

  • John Hunsucker

  • Jim Couch

  • Carl Edwards

  • Barry Bryant

  • Roger Hicks

  • Clay Bennett

  • Charles Riney