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Father of seven and Iraq war veteran Kevin Calvey has a proven record of servant leadership in support of our community and nation.

Battle Tested Patriot

Believing that leaders should bear the fair share of the burden of serving our country, Kevin Calvey shocked his friends in 2003 by joining the military at age 37. He served as an Army Captain in Iraq, defending our freedom on the battlefield. To protect our freedoms, Kevin left behind his former business, and risked frequent Katyusha rocket attacks in a hostile fire zone. 

As a soldier in Iraq, Kevin Calvey prosecuted violent extremists - those who wanted to destroy America, attack our values, and extinguish the light of freedom. 

The U.S. Army awarded Kevin the Bronze Star Medal for his service in Iraq. He served as a Senior Prosecutor. Personally prosecuting numerous terrorists, Kevin successfully obtained death penalty convictions and long-term prison sentences against the terroroists he prosecuted. 

Now, Kevin Calvey is called to duty again - to protect Oklahoma County from those who are wreaking havoc on our safety and security by limiting our freedoms, ignoring the rule of law, defunding the police and enabling corruption. Kevin will support the police, not persecute them. He will focus resources on putting violent criminals behind bars, not on jailing nonviolent offenders over fines and fees. It’s time for reform for the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s office. 

Kevin Calvey is the proven conservative constitutional warrior to ensure your freedoms are protected, law enforcement is supported, and justice is done.


Proven Constitutional Warrior

Kevin Calvey grew up in Oklahoma City, and earned his law degree from Georgetown University. He has served in the Oklahoma State House of Representatives, where he led efforts on protecting constitutional freedoms and the right to life and liberty. 

Kevin Calvey volunteers his time for the YWCA as an attorney for victims of domestic abuse. He also provides free legal representation for several Oklahoma pregnancy resource centers who care for expectant mothers who need help. 

Kevin lives in Oklahoma City with his wife, Toni, and their seven children. Kevin and his family attend church each Sunday at St. John the Baptist in Edmond. 

Kevin has shown a longterm commitment to serving the people of Oklahoma County. He has served as a mentor in the Putnam City and Oklahoma City Public School systems, and as a County Commissioner. Kevin has been a member of the Oklahoma City Rotary Club; Leadership Oklahoma Class XV; Leadership Oklahoma City Fast Track Class II; SALLT Class 18; the NRA; Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association; the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW); and the American Legion.

Kevin Calvey has a proven record of servant leadership in support of our community and nation.